Lights, Camera, Curtains Closed

So, I make porn. I also make videos of me and Monkey having sex for our own entertainment (Technically not porn but you are welcome to wank to it if you like).

Videos such as this require a certain amount of privacy to film. In my current living situation, privacy is unfortunately not conducive to good lighting. I have to keep the curtains closed. In the video below I test the settings of my GoPro Hero 5 Session as well as my Panasonic DZ T90 in the sort of lighting conditions in which I film, with the aim of getting the best quality video I can with the cameras I have.

If you have any advice on my cameras or lighting. Or indeed, if you think I should just give up on them all and invest in something better, please let me know!

Striving to improve.¬† I made my first video with the GoPro after this camera test. I’ve uploaded it to¬†ManyVids (its the one of me getting off in the shower with a realistic dildo). If you decide to check it out, let me know what you think about the video quality.