Jerk Off Instruction: Competition Winner

Last week I appealed to you for some filth I Want Your Jerk Off Instruction Script and I couldn’t be happier with what you came up with. I got home from a wonderful holiday on Saturday. A holiday of walks in the woods, looking at ponies and making a sex video in the tent (more about that in my next post) to find an awesome jerk off instruction script for me to make into a ManyVids video. Its filthy. I mean it. Here’s a taster for you.

“Hello, my name is Tabby.”

“I’ve been summoned by your doctor because apparently you’ve been in this room for quite some time.”

“She thought that perhaps I could be of assistance.”

“Yes, I work right here in the hospital; I’m a Sperm Extraction Specialist.”

“It’s my job to work closely with you today to see that we get a good healthy sperm sample for the doctor.”

Can you guess where this goes? I bet you can’t. The author, Blue Rondo, has given me three different endings to choose from!

I’m looking forward to filming this. Its going to be around 10 minutes long. Its a lot of

to learn and I’m determined to do it justice! Stay tuned for updates. I’ll let you know when its ready to go up on ManyVids. I’ll probably release a snippet here and there beforehand too.

Thanks again Blue Rondo You have totally earned your copy of this video!