Fuck it! Lets go somewhere!

We want the same things out of life. Our urges for travel, adventure and sex are a pretty good match.

It started with a feeling. A familiar feeling that I couldn’t quite place. for progress, change, growth. Something like that.
We were going to buy a house. Seriously considering it. Investing in our future together. We were going to start a business. Arial videography. I love making videos. Turns out you can’t get a mortgage if your newly self employed. So we would have to stay in our current jobs and that didn’t feel right for either of us. These solutions weren’t adding up to a change at all.

Then I put my finger on it. The niggling feeling. Its the same as when I left my home town (and job and life). I went to live on a little island. When people asked me why, the best answer I could give was that I wanted to live by the sea. It was where I met Monkey. Its where we got married. Following that impulse was the best decision I’ve ever made.

It was the same as the feeling we both shared when we decided to go to New Zealand after our wedding. For a year, maybe more, maybe we would never come back. Quite a honeymoon.

Unlike our other plans (house, business, ect) the plans that are driven by this urge, they stick. They come with a sense of relief at finally finding the right answer.

We have a good life here in England. We live in a nice flat. We have jobs that pay more than minimum wage, 4 weeks annual holiday and usually we get 2 days off a week. We have nice things. Bikes, surfboards but not enough time or energy to use them. There is too much life to fit into a schedule like this.

That’s why we have decided to set our priorities straight. Live life in our own way putting importance and time into the things that mean a lot to us. I want to get better at writing, have lots of great sex, do some photography, swim in open water, surf, run, meet new people, hike in the mountains. We want to travel and we want to play a proper part in the social sex revolution.

I want to go and live by the sea again. I feel so privileged that Monkey does too. That’s a big part of why we are good together. We want the same things out of life. Our urges for travel, adventure and sex are a pretty good match.

Hence the endless honeymoon. It started with our trip to NZ. We have tried settling down a few times but it hasn’t stuck.

I’m writing this on my first day off in nine days, thinking of all the other ways I could be using my time. Laundry, vacuuming, I could be at the gym or on my bike. So many mundane things to fill my day with. But fuck it. I want adventure. I’ll be planing our trip to Hawaii.